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Cincinnati Probate Attorneys

Just as important as estate planning is experienced probate, estate, and trust administration.  Our team represents beneficiaries, executors, administrators, guardians and trustees.  We prepare and file all necessary documents with the local Probate Courts and tax authorities, as well as provide for tax planning, preparation of disclaimers, and the transfer of assets to beneficiaries.  Our goal is to effectively and efficiently direct the estate through probate with a minimum of disruption to family members at a difficult time in their lives.

Where probate matters result in litigation, our team calls on experienced litigators from our Litigation Practice Group who appear frequently in Probate Courts, defending and prosecuting actions and claims.   Typical cases include the successful recovery of embezzled assets for a decedent’s estate; the successful defense of the beneficiary of a large estate in fraud action brought by executors; and the successful defense of a major national charity, an estate beneficiary, against a claim of tortious interference.

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